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Win: You made a guy cry though, right?

Régine: Yeah…

Win: She was singing in a grocery store, like in the fish section.

Régine: I never complained, ever! But at first they wanted a summer feel to the grocery store opening but it was mid-October so I didn’t understand why. So I was just playing some bossa nova, like Latin, warm music. It’s 8am and the radio is on, I’m singing bossa nova, and people are just coming in with their carts and they turn around and they’re like ‘what…?’ And the next day I got a cold! …I dressed in a summer dress because they asked for summer and I got sick. I asked, please, to be moved, because I was supposed to play the whole week…


Arcade Fire’s Regine Chassagne on an early gig

Régine can play anything she’s ever heard. —Win Butler on CBS Sunday (via hypocrite-reader)


Baby Régine Chassagne with her mother. This is too precious!!


Arcade Fire - Helsinki. June 28, 2010


régine dancing to drake at pop vs jock, ft. 2/5 of our squad also gettin it

And as the sun dipped toward the sea and night fell along with a gentle drizzle, I heard a happy shriek. Up ahead by the vans, Régine was hugging a pair of teenage boys. They had appeared as if from nowhere. Their names were Derby and Hubert. They were students from the school run by Partners in Health, in Haiti’s central plateau; Win and Régine had met them in Cange years before. The students had heard that their favorite band was in town, and had made the journey from their home all the way to Jacmel, by tap tap trucks and moto and however else. —Joshua Jelley-Schapiro, Reflecting Jacmel: Arcade Fire in Haiti


grateful that regine chassagne was daydreaming in the cafeteria that fateful day and let win butler pester her into spending time w him


[HQ] Arcade Fire - Gröna Lund, Stockholm. June 13, 2014




Régine Chassagne sang ‘Sprawll II’ right infront of me one time. It was quite surreal.